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Al Salem IND is all about your convenience and choices about the kitchen in UAE. From wood and veneer shelves & cabinets to the Aluminium makeover of your kitchen, we make it all possible through high-quality products and hassle-free installation. Every project begins with the creation of a 3-D model so you can see the transition clearly, regardless of whether you want a contemporary, modern, industrial, mid-century, or Scandinavian style.

We strive to offer our esteemed UAE clients an unrivaled design and installation service and a customized, affordable modular kitchen that was exclusively created for them. We provide affordable choices to our clients in Dubai so they can renovate on a budget.

Making remodelling as simple and stress-free as possible is our service’s essence. You can rely on experts to change the way you see your kitchen. Decorate or renovate to give your traditional kitchen a modern and contemporary look; we have all the products you need with a team to make¬† Kitchen installation in UAE.

So that you don’t have to put your life on wait while the project is underway, we will minimize the interruption to your home and work promptly, cleanly, and efficiently.




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